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Apart from Consumption, Did You Know that You Can Use Tea in these Ways?

Apart from Consumption, Did You Know that You Can Use Tea in these Ways?
We love drinking tea. It is the first cup of elixir for us in the morning, a cup of refreshment in the afternoon and a cup of relaxation in the evening. A day without tea is incomplete. A day without tea is gloomy and lethargic. What's more? The tea game in recent times has changed. Apart from getting fine, classic selection tea leaves, gift yourself with some flavourful blends that also consists of health benefits of herbs. But who knew that this magical drink can be used in different ways as well? Hence, in this write-up, let us check out the different uses of tea in raw form and as a brew that will make living an easy affair.  
Surprise Uses of Tea You'll Fall For
Exfoliant: Make your own body exfoliant by adding loose-leaf tea to your favourite body wash. The coarse texture of the leaves will remove dead skin and the antioxidants will revitalize.
Face mask: Tea, especially green tea is considered to be the troubleshooter of all skin problems. Add green tea leaves to honey or greek yoghurt following by spreading the same on your face. The antioxidants and caffeine will help reinvigorate your skin and soothe redness.
Say Goodbye to Dark Circles: Get rid of under-eye circles with this uber simple DIY trick. Take two used tea bags and place them in the refrigerator. Wait for some time and allow the tea bags to cool down. Then take them out of the refrigerator and place them on your eyes. Allow it to rest for 10-15 mins, thereby soothing the nerves around the eyes to depuff and remove dark circles. 
Reverse Sun Damage: When we hurry, we tend to forget to use sunscreen and end up with painful burns. The situation is worse for sensitive skin. Tea is here to help you. Take a few wet tea bags and apply it on the affected area to take out the sting. This works great for minor burns. However, if the sunburn is intense, put some tea bags in your bath water and soak your whole body in the tub.
Reduce Razor Burn: Forgot to replace that razor blade before you started to shave? Razor burn can be irritating. Reverse this irritation and get relief from nicks and cuts by applying wet tea bags. This will soothe razor burn and knock out skin irritation. 
Condition Dry Hair: Give your hair shine and bounce naturally with tea. Use a quart (litre) of warm, freshly brewed and unsweetened tea for the final rinse after your regular shampoo.
Mouthwash: A lightly flavoured tea can help purify your mouth! Simply swish some tea (green tea or white tea) which you can drink as well. 
Aids Digestion: To help you digest a meal, yes, you have to drink tea that too the unsweetened version. Drinking plain tea escalates the speed of the digestive system and flushes out toxins from inside. 
Soothe Bleeding Gums: If your tooth fairy has forgotten to visit you, we have tea for you to take care of your bleeding gums. To stop the bleeding, use wet tea bags with cold water and press it directly on the affected area. It will gradually stop the bleeding and soothe the gums.
Dry Poison Ivy Rash: Get rid of a weepy poison ivy rash with a cup of strongly brewed tea. Dip a cotton ball into the tea and dab it on the affected area followed by allowing it to dry in air. Repeat as and when needed.
Drain a boil: You need boiled tea bag to drain that boil. Cover the boil with a wet tea bag and keep it overnight. Wake up the next morning without any pain as the boil will drain by then. 
Floor Refresher: Is your floor feeling tacky and sticky? Take your floor cleaning game up a notch by cleaning it with tea. Take a rag and dip it in steeped tea followed by rubbing the same on your hardwood floors. This tick will bring shine and a slight tint of colour, thereby making your floor look squeaky clean. 
Clean Wood Furniture & Floors: The Give your wooden furniture and floors clean, shiny appearance with freshly brewed tea. Simply immerse several tea bags in a quart (litre) of water and let it cool. Dip a soft cloth in the tea, take out the excess by wringing it, and wipe the floor followed by buff drying with a clean, soft cloth. 
Shine Mirrors: Let your mirror sparkle and shine with a pot of freshly brewed strong tea. Moisten a soft cloth in the tea and wipe it all over the mirror surface. Proceed with buff drying using a soft, dry cloth for a sparkly, streak-free shine.
Deodorizer: Add tea bags to your fridge to soak up rotten smells or a strong odour of any other food item. 
Aren’t these tricks perfect to make you life simple and convenient? How many tricks have you applied to your everyday life? Hence, now while enjoying an exotic cup of this soul stirring drink, take your tea usage a level up to make the most of this magic potion.  

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