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Assam Tea - Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags: What is the Right Choice?

Every part of the world enjoys its own tea culture, often differing in how it’s prepared and what is added to it. While milk and sugar are common in many places, Russia will welcome you with jam in your tea. However, the biggest difference lies in the fact whether the tea is coming in a bag or in loose form. Hence, in this blog, we will check out the differences along with the pros and cons to be a part of this never-ending debate: tea bags or loose leaf tea?

Assam Tea Bags vs Loose Leaf Tea- Who is the Winner?


Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags: Quality

To start with the comparison, a true tea lover will always prefer for Assam loose tea leaves rather than the tea bags simply because of the quality quotient. Precisely speaking, loose-leaf teas will provide you with better authentic taste and aroma in your cuppa which a tea bag may not be able to provide. 
Cheaply priced tea bags are generally used to disguise the lower quality of tea leaves. If you buy loose leaf tea and come across shredded, crumbled leaves mixed in with dustiness, you won't be pleased. This is exactly what comprises tea bags. 
However, it necessarily does not mean that all tea companies will provide you with poor quality tea leaves into tea bags and every loose leaf tea will be of superior quality. In order to get the authentic taste of tea leaves you need to go for the tea packs with premium tea leaves. 


Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags: The Convenience Factor

When it comes to convenience, the tea bags get the point. One of the main reasons that people choose bagged tea over loose-leaf tea is because it is easier to prepare. What can be simpler than dunking the tea bags in hot water and flicking it out when it's done? It is just naturally simpler than adding the loose tea leaves in the tea infuser and then having to clean it out later.

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags: The Environmental Impact

Some people are bothered about the environmental impact of using tea bags over loose leaf tea. Hence, they don’t mind spending some extra time to clean the tea infuser. On the other hand, tea bags are for compostable for the most part, except for the small amount of plastic in many of them. However, there are tea companies offering Assam tea bags that are fully biodegradable. But that’s associated mostly with speciality product that you’ll need to seek out and will probably cost you more.

The Golden Rule of Tea or Takeaway (Whatever You Wish to Call this Section)

In the end, it's all about choosing what you enjoy the most. If you are a true tea lover and do not intend to compromise on taste or quality, then Assam tea in loose-leaf form is the right choice. However, if you are always on the go and do not have the time or patience to go through the elaborate steps of making a cuppa, Assam tea bags are here to save you. At the end of the day, it’s all about going with what you enjoy.

However, when it comes to the Assam loose leaf tea vs bagged tea debate, we do tend to favour loose leaf teas for the reasons mentioned above. But we do try out tea bags as and when required. The golden rule of tea is to try new things and go with what you like the best! Hence, at Halmira, we have a range of unique tea blends and classic teas in loose leaf as well as tea bags. Choose the one that's best for you and will compliment your mood- anytime, anywhere!

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