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Assam Tea : The Taste of India

Tea, in India, is synonymous to family, friends, and comfort. It’s a brew which sustains us through the long hours on weekdays and wakes us up on sleepy weekends. Whether you like it black, milky, sweetened, or with a pick of spices, this brew is beloved by many, if not all. India is famed for 2 types of tea- Darjeeling and Assam.  Assam Tea is one which is a favorite and can be more easily found than Darjeeling tea in homes as it is cheaper and tastes amazing.

The Origins of Assam Tea

Did you know that Assam Tea Leaves are the only other variety of tea found outside India? The other is found in China. This discovery was made by the Scottish adventurer - Robert Bruce in 1823. He noticed that the natives of the regions used a plant which looked like a Tea Plant to brew a drink. And so the story of Assam Tea begins.

Assam Tea Leaves

Necessary Growing Conditions

Assam tea leaves are grown in the region after which they are named. It is a rich environment surrounded by the Brahmaputra river, the Deccan Plateau, and the northern Himalayas. The area experiences heavy rainfall and is known for its humid atmospheres; characteristics which make the locale ideal for growing tea. The fertile rich loamy that is found here is what makes it a perfect setting for growing tea.


The area is known for producing Assam Orthodox Tea and Assam CTC Tea- the 2 processing methods. The Tea has several popular grades like the Whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings, and Assam Dust Tea. Each year, the tea state of Assam yields 680,500,000 kgs of tea.

The Tea produced in this state are known for their strong and brisk malty flavor, which has made it an ideal breakfast tea.


Benefits of Assam tea leaves

There are several benefits to drinking tea. This has been proven time and again. Be it the knowledge gathered through the ages or the research being conducted in the present time, the brew’s several beneficial properties are undeniable.

  • Tea helps to increase the alertness of the mind which increases concentration. The caffeine present in the tea helps to kickstart your brain with just the right amount of energy. It's not too much, which is why several people prefer tea over coffee.

  • Drinking tea, whether its Assam Dust Tea or Assam whole leaf, will help improve cardiovascular health. Flavonoids present in the leaves improve the functioning of cardiac valves and blood valves and prevents the hardening of arteries by reducing the buildup of plaque.

  • The caffeine also does another job. It keeps brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s at bay.

  • The drink may aid you on your quest to lose weight as it gives a small boost in metabolism along with a small boost in energy.

  • Tea, unlike many other drinks, does not erode teeth enamel. Its been found to actually be good for oral health.

  • Some studies have shown that tea also helps in boosting immunity. Basically, it boosts the immunity cells so that they are more effective and faster in reacting.

  • Tea, if not mixed with anything, is calorie free! Imagine having a calorie-free drink along with all these health benefits.

    Assm Tea

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