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With cultures all over the world having their own tea recipe and incorporating it into their societies and lives, tea has a long and vibrant history. Countries like China and Japan have elaborate tea ceremonies which indicate your rank and class in society. The English have been known for their tea habits and have made the concept of ‘afternoon tea’ famous. Some cultures think of a visitor’s refusal to drink the tea offered as an insult. However, a common characteristic of Tea is that it is a community affair and therefore holds a special place in each culture.

Tea is often the drink of choice, especially now that some are trying to wean themselves off of coffee. With different teas available in market for different types of moods, the flavour profile on offer nowadays has increased immeasurably. From black teas to herbal teas, loose leaf tea to quick brew tea; today’s tea lovers have an unlimited choice.
Apart from being loved because of its comforting taste when warm or its refreshing taste when cold, tea is also well-known for having a number of health benefits, making it a health-full drink. Here are some of its health benefits.

  • Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. Because of its moderate levels of caffeine, it doesn’t have any unexpected influence on your nervous system, rather it just has enough caffeine to give you the pep to begin your day.

  • Tea contains antioxidants which basically help the body fight off wear and tear. They also help repair and regenerate cells faster. Most teas, if not all teas, have a very high percentage of antioxidants which is extremely good for the body in the long run.

  • It helps you create and maintain a calm and a more alert mind. It will help you concentrate more effectively on your tasks.

  • Black Tea has been shown to reduce an individual’s stress levels by as much as 20%.

  • Our Quick Brew Assam dust tea lowers the chances or cognitive impairments. Disease like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are easier to fend off with tea.

  • Tea helps in preventing the formation of clots which is why it is said to help reduce the risk of having heart attacks and strokes.

  • Tea helps an individual form stronger bone.

  • It has been used for centuries as a digestive in China. It helps aids your body’s process during digestion.

  • Tea strengthens the immune system.

  • The antioxidants present also help in keeping your skin healthy and pimple free.

  • It is a calorie free drink, so it’s a favourite for those trying to lose weight. It also helps increase your metabolism.

There are several more studies and clinical trials which have expounded on the many virtues of tea but we shall end the list with these as they are the most lauded.
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