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Darjeeling Tea and Its Flavours : A Detailed Overview

Speak of Darjeeling tea and every tea connoisseur will express their love towards this heart melting beverage. Known as the ‘Champagne of Teas’, Darjeeling tea leaves treat our taste buds with a musky-sweet tasting flavour similar to Muscat wine. However, it is just one of the many flavours the tea possesses. Darjeeling tea leaves are also bestowed with mossy, fruity, citrus or vegetal flavors. Cultivated in Darjeeling (a region in North Bengal), the flavour of Darjeeling tea depends on the season of its cultivation.

So, let’s check the flavours of the famous Darjeeling Tea. But before we delve into the different flavours, let us first run through something more important.
Tea Garden

The process of growing Darjeeling Tea Leaves

To start with, the plantations for Darjeeling tea tree are restricted to the Darjeeling and Kurseong sub-divisions. They are generally grown at an altitude ranging from 600 to 2000 meters above sea level and requires a minimum of 50 mm to 60mm of rainfall a year. The seamless blend of the cool moist weather, the quality of soil and the rainfall gives this tea its unique musky flavour; providing us with the highest quality Darjeeling tea leaves. Premium quality Darjeeling tea is manufactured following the 'Orthodox' tea manufacturing process, whereby the tea leaves forego the process of curling, tearing and crushing to maintain its delicate flavour.
Hence, such attributes carve out the path for the best Darjeeling tea in the market, thereby satisfying the taste buds of the tea lovers.
But, what’s the deal behind the different flavours of Darjeeling tea based on its cultivation season? Let’s learn about it in the coming section.

Different Flavours of Darjeeling Tea

Among the different types of tea leaves available in India according to their origin places, Darjeeling tea has a unique or weird characteristic: the same type of tea comes in a variety of flavours naturally. This cannot be found in other types of teas which enables Darjeeling tea to stand out in the market. Darjeeling tea cultivated in different seasons from the months of March to November, thereby infusing the tea leaves with a unique flavour every season.

  • First Flush (or Spring Flush)

The First Flush Darjeeling Tea leaves churns out the romantic essence of the season which gives it a poetic name - Lover's Blush. With the retreat of the winter season, new shoots come up in the months of spring which gives rise to light green tea leaves. When the First Flush leaves are brewed, the liquor is infused with a light lime green colour having a mild astringent flavour. Every sip of the tea will rejuvenate your senses and allow you to experience the true essence of the season. The First Flush Darjeeling tea usually consists of a high price tag.

  • Second Flush (or Summer Flush)

Welcome the summer with the signature muscatel flavor of  the Second Flush Darjeeling tea leaves. The leaves cultivated during the months of May and June are larger with a dark green hue and silvery buds. When brewed, the liquid is infused with a dark purplish tint.

  • Third Flush (or Monsoon Tea)

The month of July, August and September is all about cultivating the Third Flush of Darjeeling tea or monsoon tea. This season will provide you with a stronger version of Darjeeling tea having a dark colour. Since the monsoon tea is a tad more oxidized, they are sold at a lower cost. This version of Darjeeling tea is commonly used at various households for many varieties of blended teas.

  • Autumnal Flush

The autumn flush of Darjeeling tea is produced in the months of October and November, after which Darjeeling tea production is stopped during the winter. Just as the months of Autumn give the leaves of trees a brown or reddish hue, the tea leaves during this season are bestowed with a light copper or brown cast. Furthermore, when the tea leaves are brewed, it leaves the brew with a dark coppery gold colour having a distinct flavour from the others.
As you can see Darjeeling tea is naturally available in four different flavors, thereby presenting individuals with an array of flavours to choose from to gladden their taste buds.
Apart from that, there are four types of Darjeeling tea namely Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea and White tea. Therefore, choose the best Darjeeling tea as per your taste preference and targeted health concerns that you wish to resolve. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the highest quality Darjeeling tea leaves from the Halmira’s online tea store which aims to provide tea addicts with the best Darjeeling tea. We are a premium tea brand that believes in pleasing the taste buds of the tea lovers with every sip of the beverage, allowing them to experience the flavour of best quality tea. Go ahead and browse through our online tea store to find the best tea product available. 

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