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Halmira Premium Green Leaf Tea: New Ways To Stay Healthy

Modern life is getting more and more sedentary with the increased ease that modern technology affords us. Unlike our ancient ancestors, we don’t have to till the field or walk long distances to reach our destinations. The needs of society have changed requiring a larger skilled workforce. In this age it means that the majority of our time is spent in front of our desks at our workstations. With growing rates of obesity and other such lifestyle diseases, everyone is searching for easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. 
Drinking green tea made from best quality green tea leaves is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a healthy habit in your life. Halmira Premium Green Leaf Tea is a product of Halmira Estate Tea Private Limited and is made of the best quality tea leaves hand plucked from the tea estate of Halmira in Assam.
Halmira Green Tea 
Green tea has been consumed in India and China for centuries. The health benefits of green leaf tea have been acknowledged through the ages. A book called the “Book of Tea” was written in 1191 in Japan and outlines the method of growing green leaf tea and the positive effects it has on different organs in the body. Modern science has only added credence to the historical claims of Green tea’s many health benefits.


So what are those benefits of green tea people tell about?

You were probably wondering what the different health benefits of green tea are after all this talk about how healthy it is.  Let’s find out what health benefits you will get if you drink tea made from organic green tea leaves like our green tea products. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Premium Green Tea improves the brain’s functioning and one’s mental performance. The combinations of small amounts of caffeine with various active ingredients in Green Tea improve brain functions and one’s productivity.

  • Apart from the short term improvement in productivity that one notices when consuming green tea daily, there are long term health benefits for the brain as well. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's are also kept at bay because of the antioxidants present in green tea leaves.

  • There have been a couple of clinical studies which found suggestions of green tea boosting metabolism and therefore helping you to burn fat quicker which makes green tea a good drink for weight loss.

  • It also helps reduce the ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol creating a healthier better functioning body.

  • By drinking green tea regularly you can increases the chances of avoiding Type II Diabetes. It helps reduce blood sugar levels and aids in improving insulin sensitivity.

  • Studies have indicated that those who drink green tea have a lower risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease. The properties which help with cholesterol and insulin management also help manage blood pressure, prevent blood clots, and strokes.

  • Several studies have been conducted to study the numerous properties of green tea leaves and some have found that it lowers one’s risk of developing different types of cancers and diseases such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and others.

  • Drinking green tea is supposed to result in better oral hygiene according to the findings of some studies. Some compounds present in green tea leaves lowers the risk of developing cavities and improves overall dental hygiene.

  • There are bacteria fighting properties in green tea which help fight illnesses and infection. Green tea is particularly effective for fighting off a cold for some.

  • Some medical data has revealed that Green Tea helps digestion and reduces the risk of inflammatory bowel disease along with improving overall bowel health.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea help to ease some of the inflammation caused by arthritis.

  • A smaller known benefit of premium green tea leaves is that it helps maintain healthy skin.

The Halmira Premium Green Leaf Tea that is created, processed and sold by Halmira is one of India’s finest Green tea you can offer to yourself. Since the benefits of green tea really shine through when they are brewed loose rather than in tea bags, Halmira is the perfect choice. With technical expertise and plucking techniques garnered over decades, Halmira’s promise of sublime taste is guaranteed. 

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