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Facts & Myths about Green Tea

Since, we are already well acquainted with the health benefits of drinking green tea on a regular basis, without bragging any further about the benefits of green tea leaves; let’s cut straight to the chase and debunk some of the most popular green tea myths.                                                      

Green Tea Myths Debunked!

#Myth 1: Green Tea Melts Away Pesky Body Fats in No Time.

Although Fact Says that it is true that the consumption of green tea aids in weight loss. However, don't expect the drink to magically trim your fat and make you slim with every sip. This is presumably one of the most common myths that has been going around.


However, the brewing of green tea leaves and sipping the tea does improve the metabolism of your body. Hence, make sure to pair it with proper exercise and diet to experience significant weight loss over a span of time.


#Myth 2: Green Tea Curbs the Promotion of Cancer

The fact is, with the reports of green tea being beneficial in killing cancer cells, most of us have misinterpreted the information slightly. People have started to assume that green tea, not like other teas, has the power to curb cancer promotion, which is not true by any means or interpretations.


There lies a thin line between the statements, “Green Tea prevents cancer”and “Green tea can never promote cancer”. Regular consumption of premium green tea in moderate amounts has been shown to be effective in inhibiting the occurrence of cancer like other natural teas. Green tea is exceptional in this feat owing to the presence of catechins in green tea leaves. It checks the secretion of enzymes that contribute to the development of cancer cells. Ironically, drinking excessive green tea on a regular basis is antagonistic for the throat and might lead to throat cancer.

                                                                    Green Tea

#Myth 3: Green Tea has less caffeine than Black Tea

Although the fact is Green tea leaves do contain less caffeine compared to coffee, which acts as a better energy stimulant. Green tea is green in colour owing to the processing method which does not really affect the caffeine content in green tea leaves. The quantity of caffeine in green tea is comparable to that of the caffeine in black tea.

#Myth 4: Green Tea Causes Dehydration

Although Fact Says...

Yes, caffeine does cause dehydration. Unfortunately, this belief has given rise to the idea that every beverage with caffeine causes dehydration. Now, of course, it is an exaggerated concept. You'll have to drink several extremely strong cups of tea to feel dehydrated. However, this experiment might fail altogether owing to the amount of liquid present in the water. It’s a myth that has been circulating for no reason.


Moreover, researchers have declared tea to be better than water as water simply restores the fluid in our body while tea also provides antioxidants, a bonus for the body.

                                                          premium green tea

#Myth 5: No amount of Green Tea is Bad

Although Fact Says...

Since green tea is highly associated with health benefits, we have developed a concept of 'never stop drinking green tea'. However, too much of anything is always a poison, even if you are consuming premium green tea.


Green tea is loaded with caffeine and polyphenols, which do have some side effects when consumed excessively. Caffeine overdose can cause shivering, while unnecessary intake of polyphenols can lead to nausea. Hence, green tea when consumed at a moderate amount is a most advised.

With the given information, we can deduce that some facts are for green tea while the others are against the brew. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to stop the consumption of green tea. The right amount of green tea, which is generally around 3-4 cups a day, will infuse your body with essential nutrients. Additionally, consider buying premium green tea leaves which packs the healthy nutrients in the leaves better. You can buy green tea leaves from the online store of Halmira Tea; who take special care to provide tea lovers with an unmatched quality of green tea backed up by incredible aroma and flavor.

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