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Types of Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling Tea is famous all around the globe for it tart malty flavor and dark coloring. Made in the state of West Bengal, there are said to be a total of 78 tea estates. These estates occupy over 17,500 hectares of land producing over 9 million kilograms of tea. Tea is also a labor-intensive industry which has led to the industry employing up to half the population of the district. The highest quality Darjeeling tea is known as the ‘Champagne of Teas’ because of its distinctive aroma.

The time of harvest affects the depth of flavor, the grade, and the type of tea that is made. The types of tea that we get are Darjeeling Black Tea, Darjeeling Oolong, Darjeeling Green Tea, and Darjeeling White Tea.


  • Darjeeling Black Tea - It is the most familiar and traditional form of Darjeeling tea. As it is the most common form of Darjeeling tea to be found in the market, it is also the most commonly produced tea by the different estates/companies. There are two methods for processing tea - Orthodox and CTC. Most Black tea goes through all the steps of Orthodox processing. Orthodox teas are picked in the traditional manner which means they are handpicked, making it a more time-consuming method. There are five steps in the process - plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation, and firing. The main differentiating factor between the black tea and the other three teas is that it is a 100% oxidized which is responsible for its signature dark color and can produce a number of flavors such as spicy, nutty, flowery, and fruity.

  • Darjeeling Oolong tea- Oolong is a partially or a semi-fermented tea.  It is familiar to traditional Chinese tea. It has a delicious flavor with a slightly sweet fruity aroma. Due to its nutritional values, taste, and the manner in which it is processed, it is categorized between Black tea and Green tea. It is a preferred option for those who prefer a tea with a lower caffeine count. Oolong tea made its way onto the Indian tea scene when the British came carrying some seeds and saplings from China in the 1800s. There are two types of Oolong tea grown in India - Clonal & China Type. The tea has to be hard withered and only semi-oxidized. The grades of Oolong are dependent on the level of oxidation. To make the best Darjeeling Oolong tea it is suggested that one keep the water just below boiling.

  • Darjeeling Green Tea - Green Tea is considered to have originated in China. It is famous for its many health benefits. As there is zero fermentation in the process of creating the tea, the many chemicals and properties which make Green tea so healthy are retained. Japan is a well-known producer of Matcha Tea or Japanese Green tea. However if one wants to opt for a less bitter tea, go for the best Darjeeling tea which is available easily on Halmira’s Online tea store.

  • Darjeeling White Tea - The most uncommon tea on this list, it commands the highest price of the four. Drunk mostly by tea connoisseurs, it is also the most delicate tea. After being hand plucked, it is dried in the sun, and hand rolled. These three steps are the extent of processing for white tea and so it takes longer to produce. This minimum amount of processing makes it an even healthier option than green tea.


Some of the best Darjeeling tea is made by Halmira Tea. With a history of over a century in producing the highest quality Darjeeling tea. As an old institution in the industry, Halmira has been able to perfect their means of processing and therefore create the highest quality Darjeeling tea. They produce Black and Green tea. By processing them both the orthodox and CTC way, you have a choice of the best Darjeeling tea available. If you are looking to buy Darjeeling tea online Halmira’s online tea store is the best choice for the highest quality Darjeeling tea.  With options like Premium Green Leaf Tea and CTC with Darjeeling Leaf, Halmira’s high quality of Darjeeling tea will keep you coming back for the next sip.

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