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The Right Way To Brew Premium Tea Leaves

If you wish to enjoy the perfect cup of tea, there are various things that you need to keep in mind. Such factors include using the right tea leaves and the right timing to brew the leaves. Furthermore, the definition of a perfect cup of tea varies from person to person. Some tea-lovers like their tea strong, especially when they are drinking a premium blend of Assam tea. Others might prefer a light taste that goes with premium green tea. If tea is your best friend and you are looking for a perfect recipe for that perfect cuppa, then this blog is your bible. Hence, here are the four essential steps that you need to follow for that aromatic and flavorsome cup of tea.

Steps to Brew your Tea the Right Way


Tea Leaves

When it all about tea, talking about tea leaves is mandatory. No one can deny that using quality loose leaf tea is the first step to bringing the best flavours into a cup. No matter how classy and stylish your tea set looks or how expensive is the milk powder, if your tea leaves are of poor quality, then get ready to experience a disaster in a cup.


The quest to a perfect cuppa does not end with using fine quality tea leaves. quantity matters as well. Different tea leaves come with the attribute whereby you have to use a certain amount of tea leaves to get the true flavour. For example, if you are planning to brew Assam premium blend tea, it being strong in nature should be used moderately so that the tea does not become bitter. For premium Green tea, the scenario is quite the opposite. Above all, be clear about how you want and then measure out the leaves to make the perfect cup.


Imagine this situation- you have the perfect tea leaves ready to be used and your friend is waiting for sipping the tea. You have everything ready, the snacks and tea table. The moment you added the tea leaves, you got a call from your mother and you get busy talking to her. Once you come back, you see that the tea is ready. But wait right there. Do you think that the tea will taste good? Of course not since the tea has turned bitter. Hence, time matters a lot. Count the time to experience the best tea time with your friends and family.


Not all types of tea require the same temperature for brewing. While premium green tea needs low temperatures, black tea requires the opposite. When you are making tea, set the temperature according to the tea type.
Hence, these are the 4 four essential steps that will determine the flavour of your cuppa. Be it Assam premium blend or any other type of tea, have complete knowledge about it and then delve into brewing yourself or for your close ones the cup of perfect tea.

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