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7 Things to Know About Tea

Imagine starting your day without the essential cup of freshly brewed morning tea? The very thought can make one feel gloomy as the essence of morning tea helps us in kick-starting our day. While nothing beats the feeling of sipping our favorite cup of tea, especially during the rainy season, there are a plethora of facts about this brew which is unknown to us. Surprised? Wondering what are these unknown facts about tea, a beverage that you consume on a regular basis? Stay hooked to this blog to learn about 7 surprising facts about tea, which unknown to you until now!

The Little-Known Facts about Tea

Boiling Water Burns the Tea Leaves: Most of us prepare tea by putting the tea leaves in boiling water. However, experts say that we should pour the tea leaves in hot boiling water as the high temperature of the water can burn the delicate tea leaves easily. On the contrary, we must pour water hot enough to churn out the true flavor of the leaves along with delivering a light tint to the liquid.

Black Tea Affects Iron Absorption: Tea is a healthy drink with zero calories in it. However, it is not necessary that the brew will prove to be healthy on all given times of a day. Black Tea is known to block iron absorption from food and supplements. Experts recommend staying away from tea when you are having an iron-rich food. Pregnant women are also advised not to consume black tea as they take prenatal vitamins.

Tea is a Diuretic: It is not an unknown fact that tea is a great stimulant which improves the working of our brain and helps to carry out different activities in a day seamlessly. However, apart from being a stimulant, tea is also a great diuretic which helps in flushing out toxins from our body by making us urinate frequently.

Tea has More Caffeine than Coffee: As per the tea experts, tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee. However, since we use more coffee to prepare a cup of coffee and less tea to prepare a cup of tea, hence we get less caffeine from a cup of tea.

Mint Tea is an Infusion: Mint tea is not a tea, it's an infusion. All leaves which are classed as tea leaves has to come from Camellia sinensis plant. Mint, on the other hand, is a herb and hence, mint tea is an infusion and not produced naturally.

Keep Tea away from the Spice Cabinet or Coffee: Avoid storing tea in your spice cabinet or even near coffee. This way you'll be able to preserve the true aroma of the tea leaves and the taste as well.
In other words, tea should be kept away from strong, competing aromas.

There are 3000 Types of Tea: Just like wine, tea
flavors also depend on where they are grown and the type of bush. Teas, that we buy at times might be a blend of different varieties of tea leaves.

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Those are some of the unknown facts about tea that we drink on a regular basis to make our day feel complete. Furthermore, nothing beats drinking a cup of tea made from premium quality tea leaves. For example, you can buy tea online from Halmira Tea, one of the
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