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7 Ways You are Drinking Your Tea Wrong

Tea is probably our first cup of love in the morning. Staring a day without the essential dose of tea only makes us feel gloomy and cranky for the rest of the day. In other words, tea is that magic potion that rejuvenates our senses instantly and enables us to face the challenges of a day. However, do you know, on a daily basis we drink our favorite cup of tea the wrong way? Now that is a surprise, right? Hence, let us look into the ways in which we are consuming tea the wrong manner, which was unknown to us until now!

How are We Drinking Our Tea the Wrong Way?

  • What do we believe-1?
We believe in the existence of teas like raspberry tea, mint tea, chocolate tea, and the likes, thereby drink them as a proper cup of tea.
  • What is it actually?
You need to understand that tea is major of six types- Green Tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, and Pu-erh tea. Anything that goes beyond these six types of tea- like mint tea, raspberry tea, or anything of this sort is a mere infusion. A true tea leaf only comes from the plant of Camellia synesis while mint or raspberry is a fruit or an herb, completely different from tea.
  • What do we believe-2?
We pour boiling water in Green tea leaves or black tea leaves with the belief that it will speed up the preparation of the brew.
  • What is it actually?
In reality, pouring boiling water to your tea leaves, be it green or Assam tea leaves will end up burning the leaves. This way, the taste of your tea will get ruined and have a burnt flavor, not quite appealing for the taste buds. However, for infusions, using boiling water is a good idea as the true flavor of the fruit or the herb is crucial to extract.

Here's a helpful temperature guide for making Tea
  1. White tea: 65–75°C
  2. Green tea: 75–85°C
  3. Black tea: 85–95°C
  4. Infusions: 100°C
  • What do we believe-3?
We do not consider using fresh water whenever we brew a cup of tea. We simply do not consider this factor crucial.
  • What is it actually?
Ask the experts and they will always tell you to use fresh water when brewing your favorite cuppa. People dwelling in a hard water region will come across some residue at the top of their cuppa.  However, it is crucial to use filtered water whenever you are brewing your cuppa. This way the essential minerals in the water is maintained and passed on to your cup of tea to make a healthier drink.
  • What do we believe-4?
Most of us have the habit of using more than one level teaspoon of tea per person as we believe it will infuse the brew with added aroma and flavour.
  • What is it actually?
It is simply not required to use more than one level teaspoon of tea leaves (Assam tea or Darjeeling tea leaves) for one person. It makes the brew unnecessarily strong and ends up losing its unique essence. Also, we end up wasting a lot of tea leaves, like a Pro!
  • What do we believe-5?
Over the year, we have developed the habit the teapot with a lid while it's brewing. We believe this we arrest the heat, thereby cutting down the brewing time.
  • What is it actually?
In reality, practice the habit of not covering the teapot with a lid. Leaving the lid off provides the tea leaves with more oxygen while it's being brewed.
  • What do we believe-6?
We believe and have also developed the practice of adding milk after pouring the tea in a cup.
  • What is it actually?
It is recommended by the experts to add milk first and then tea, especially if you are preparing the tea in a teapot. Pouring the milk afterward works in heating up the milk to the same temperature of the tea. Not just that, it makes all the proteins in the milk break down at the same rate, thereby giving rise to a great flavor throughout the cup of tea.
  • What do we believe-7?
We allow the tea leaves to rest in the hot water for more than 3 minutes, yet again as we believe that it will help us in extracting the maximum flavor and the aroma of the tea leaves.
  • What is it actually?
It is recommended to remove the tea leaves after three minutes and one can rebrew his/her cup of tea with those leaves again.

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