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Drinking Tea 101: Based on Time & Season

For a tea lover, drinking tea is probably the solution to all the problems. Be it stress, anxiety, happiness, sadness or excitement, a cup of tea accompanied by biscuits or 'pakoras' is all that is required to deal with different shades of emotion. In other words, tea in itself is a cup of emotions giving rise to a plethora of stories and memories.
All said and done, for most of us, our love for tea pushes us to drink endless cuppas per day.  However, in reality, drinking endless cups of tea will do one more harm than good. There are proper timings when you can drink green tea or Darjeeling tea. Not just that, different seasons in a year also suggests drinking the right type of tea to receive the optimum amount of tea benefits.
Hence, in this write-up, let us delve into a cuppa and learn when to drink tea in terms of time in a day and seasons in a year.
Best Time to Drink Tea in a Day

As per the health experts, drinking tea, especially green tea after breakfast and lunch will provide your body with maximum health benefits. Tea helps in improving the digestion along with converting the food into energy. The caffeine content in tea leaves like Assam loose leaf tea or green tea gives every reason to the consumer this beverage after lunch and breakfast.

The energy levels early in the morning are generally low. Hence, consuming tea after breakfast will boost the energy level. Consuming green tea or black tea after lunch will help in quick digestion of the food. Apart from that, it is always suggested to drink tea 20 minutes after a meal; though this figure might differ based on personal conditions.

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Why should you Avoid Tea in the Evening?

The side effect that you might face is that consumption of tea in the evening might fail to provide a sound sleep at night. Hence, for the evening you can try out herbal tea such as a Chinese flower tea called the Chrysanthemum tea, that will help your nerves to calm down and provide you a better sleep.
However, if it is at all impossible to avoid consuming black tea in the evening, then try to steep a cup with shorter brewing time. This will result in less caffeine extraction. However, the taste of the tea might differ from its actual taste and be less stronger.
Guide to Drinking Tea as per Season

Apart from considering the time of drinking tea in a day, one must also consider the season for drinking tea.
Tea(s) for Spring & Summer
Summer and spring call for drinking a tea with a light taste and aroma, thereby calming our senses and the body temperature. During these two seasons, it is best to drink tea whose leaves are less oxidized, thereby having a cooling effect on the body, where you drink it hot or cold. Thus, teas are green tea and white tea qualifies in this regard. These teas are great during spring and summer as they balance your body temperature against the hot weather.
Tea(s) for Autumn and Winter
During the colder seasons, it best to drink tea that will warm up your body. Indulge in drinking Assam tea or Darjeeling tea as the tea leaves are heavily oxidized.
P.S. Apart from that, it is always recommended to drink tea made using leaves before they reach their expiry date and happen to be in their fresh form. Fresh teas contain the most nutrient values along with a better taste and aroma. See the table below for tea types that are better to drink fresh.
  • Green tea: best within 4 months
  • Light oolong tea: best within 6 months
  • Dark oolong tea: best within 1 year

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