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Hacks to Make the Empty Tea Leaf Containers Useful

So, you have scooped those last loose tea leaves into your infuser, have finished off the last drop and now you are left with nothing in that cute little container, except some bittersweet memories, right?
However, you do not feel like discarding the container that once stored your favorite Assam tea leaves or green tea. Again, you have no idea what to do with the container that once took you into a journey of taste and aroma.
Well, if you're wondering about how to put these little, cute and hardy containers to good use, we have some amazing hacks in-store for you. Here are ten storage uses for all your empty tea containers.
Empty Tea Boxes made Useful
Cleaner Office Desk
Everyone is aware of the fact that a work desk can get messy and out of control in no time. With stationaries spread all over the desk along with other products, keeping your work desk away from the clutter is a challenge. However, with empty tea containers, consider the problem sorted. Keep the clutter enclosed behind the cute print of your tea container and put a clean work desk on display. As a bonus, you can make use of easy to-go containers if your project demands to be taken on the road.
Junk Drawer Simplified
When it comes to stepping into the sphere of storage, one cannot overlook the junk drawers which are even harder than the desk at work. However, by storing multiple items in the same container and organizing them in rows, you can organize that drawer of stamps, erasers, lip balm, and any of your other smaller items in a snap.
Organized Craft Supplies
If you are fond of art and craft, you'll probably know that it involves a lot of little moving pieces which often come in bulk. To keep everything in order, use the empty loose leaf tea tins to stash these extra supplies. Alternatively, you can also group the items, store them and label the container, thereby having a clear idea about which box having what rather than checking all the boxes. The hack is great to store items like stitch markers, beads, sequins, floss, needles, jewelry clasps, color, craft, etc.
Earbud Holders
Do you always deal with tangled earbud cords or wrinkled wires during your morning commute session, thereby starting your day on a bad note? Then the next suggestion is probably your bible. Simply coil your earbud cords in the empty tin of your favorite loose leaf tea, and then throw it into your pocket, backpack, or purse. Save your cords by reducing damage, and prevent them from getting tangled in your keys, pens, or other belongings.
On-the-Go Pet Supplies
Treating yourself with a cup of flavorsome and aromatic Assam tea leaves, but what about your pet who deserves something extra? If you want to keep pet supplies or treats ready while you’re out for a walk or drive, consider putting the tasty bites inside of one of your tea containers. Easy to clean, reusable, and strong enough to keep those treats from breaking, the fit-in-your-pocket-sized tins make an excellent choice to keep your furry friend happy when you go out.
Jewelry Storage Sorted
Another storage hack for tea tins is utilizing them to store jewelry. Cover rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces in a cloth or foam before placing in your empty loose tea leaf container. Then put it into a side pocket of your luggage for easy access rather than searching for the products everywhere in your luggage. You can also use this technique to store the jewelry in your cupboard, thereby saving more space to store other products.
Sugar & Spices
The container where you once stored green tea leaves is empty, but it is way too pretty to throw it away? What's more? You have a ton of empty tea containers that are sitting idle in your kitchen. Make use of these pretty containers to store commonly used spices, thereby beautifying the interior of your kitchen and making the kitchen counter look colourful. Add labels and dates to keep things fresh, and enjoy the ease of scooping out a pinch of salt or spoonful of sugar.

Lastly, what can be a better way to make use of the tea containers rather than re-filling it with tea? Whether taking loose leaf tea on the go with friends, gifting others, or just re-filling your reserves from a larger bag, one of the best uses of an empty tea container is to use it again. Easy to clean, specially created to keep your green tea leaves or any other tea leaves from spilling or going musty, sometimes the easiest solution is found without spending a lot.

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