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How Can Green Tea Be Used To Improve Your Natural Beauty?

You must be well aware of the green tea benefits catering to health. However, do you know that this antioxidant tea can help you enhance your natural beauty? Thanks to the green tea leaves which are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, making green tea a habit improves your skin health.
Regular consumption of green tea will not only help you with your general health but will also gift you with glowing skin as it has the power to flush out the toxins from your body. Along with that, treat yourself with lustrous and thick locks from regular consumption of green tea.
This information will probably encourage you to get the best quality organic green tea leaves from the market. However, do you know how to make the best use of these leaves to get optimum green tea benefits for your skin and hair?
In this write-up, let us delve into a cup of green tea and see how it can help us get rid all the impurities from our hair and skin, thereby enhancing our beauty the natural way.

A Cup of Green Tea is the Answer to All Your Beauty Woes


Green Tea Helps In Getting Healthy SkinDeveloping Healthy Skin

A plethora of studies conducted with regards to green tea benefits for skin have shown that regular consumption of this tea gives spotless skin. Since it is an antioxidant-rich drink, when consumed on a regular basis, it slowly flushes out the toxins from our body and give us a flawless skin. Indulge yourself in drinking 2 cuppas every day to get that flawless skin quite like your favourite actress. Of course, there are other things that you need to follow to gift yourself with your dream skin. Invest in creams and cosmetic products that have green tea extracts or make DIY face packs to treat your skin with one on the weekends.


Green tea and sun protectionProtection from Sun

Going out in the Sun, especially during the scorching summer days are bound to sunburn our skin. Not just that, when the sun's rays hits our skin, our skin comes in contact with the ultraviolet rays which is further harmful for our skin. To reverse the sun damage on your skin, resort to drinking tea made of green tea leaves. Alternatively, make sure to apply sunscreen stepping out and once a week indulge in face packs made of green tea leaves to get rid of the tan and skin toxins.

Green Tea and Healthy Hair
Healthy Locks

With green tea leaves, you can enhance the growth of DHT which is really effective in reducing hair fall.
Apart from that, green tea leaves contain other vital components which respond to the testosterone inside your blood and keep it balanced to avoid any reaction with 5 alpha. Hence, regular consumption of green tea can help you get rid of dull, dry, and frizzy hair. Furthermore, owing to its antiseptic properties, it can knock out dandruff and keep your scalp fresh.

Green Tea Helps Improving Hair Health
Adds Softness to Hair

Both men and women consider hair to be one of the most important factors that add to our look and personality. Most of the women are fond of keeping long hair which requires high maintenance. However, with regular consumption of green tea, you can maintain the health of your hair easily.
Green tea leaves are rich vitamin C, polyphenols and vitamin E which are works in building a healthy hair body along with promoting softness, and healthy growth.

Green Tea
Shinier Nails

Though it does not cover the major portion of our body, maintaining healthy nails can be quite a task in itself. While keeping long well-shaped nails is what most we wish for, most of the time the nails become brittle and break very easily. It starts losing the natural shine, becomes weak and grows very slowly.
However, consuming green tea on a regular basis is a natural way to get back the good health of your nail. If you see your nails developing a yellow coat on the surface, apply a few drops of essential oil once a week to get rid of the yellow coat. Churn out the green tea health benefits and see yourself have stronger, shiner and healthier nails. 

Green Tea Slows Doen Skin Ageing SignFights Skin Aging

Most of us suffer from early signs of aging owing to poor eating habit, unhealthy lifestyle and pollution outside. Hence, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are seen even before we hit our old age. Green tea, being rich in antioxidants helps in fighting the signs of aging by eradicating free radicals. Regular drinking of green tea helps in eradicating the free radicals, thereby keeping the signs of aging at bay and providing you with a healthier looking skin.

Regular consumption of green tea can actually eliminate the use expensive skincare products and save a lot of your money, providing you with healthy skin, hair and nails naturally. Get your dose of green tea everyday to see the results with passing time.


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