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How to Make Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green tea has become a global favorite because of its many health benefits as well as its pleasing aroma and rejuvenating taste. The world knows of the many rituals and tea ceremonies surrounding organic loose leaf tea. Yet again, many wish to learn the methods of creating their own perfect cup of green tea. However, unlike the practitioners of tea ceremonies, a layman is not equipped with the necessary utensils or the right knowledge to do so. There are a couple of ways for laymen to make a pleasing cup of loose leaf green tea for themselves depending on whichever method suits your taste.

There are many methods of making tea, some of which are more intricate and some which are simple. Some require certain types of Teaware and tea to make the perfect cup of tea. The ideal temperature for the brewing the perfect cup of green tea ranges from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The more intricate procedures for making say Assam loose leaf tea would require the right cup and pot, the perfect measure of tea to water, measuring instruments like a thermometer and many other things which complicate the process. The methods are easy and affordable ways to make a good cup of loose leaf green tea and you will probably have what you need right at home!

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Method 1


This first method requires very little equipment and is a popular way to make tea in China, even today. The one drawback to this approach is that it has no straining stage and therefore will leave the leaves in your mouth.

  • Get an empty glass and put 2 teaspoons of organic loose leaf tea, if you prefer a stronger taste then add some more.

  • Pour hot water into the glass only till you submerge the leaves. This will leave three-fourths of the cup free ideally.

  • Give it swirl with a spoon to ensure that all the leaves absorb the water

  • Let it sit for a minute- till you see the colour change slowly

  • Then pour hot water into the glass once again and fill the glass up

  • Let this sit for two minutes more

And your drink is ready!

Method 2

The second method requires a bit more effort and a bit more time. It uses the traditional cooking utensil of a pot which allows you a good cup of tea without the trouble of worrying about tea leaves interfering with your cup of tea.

  • Get a pot and pour about a cup of water into it. Multiply according to the number of people you will be serving.

  • Bring the water up to boil before putting out the gas

  • Put 2 teaspoons of organic loose leaf tea as per the number of people drinking. If you prefer a stronger taste then you have to put in a bit more.

  • Let the tea leaves rest in the water for 30 seconds or longer depending on the taste you want.

  • Pour the tea into your cup through a wire mesh or a strainer of your choice.

Voila! Your perfect cup of green tea is waiting for you!

Method 3

This method requires a particular type of pot - a traditional brewing pot. These teapots have a special feature - they possess a small wire screen in which the leaves go. There are several online sites which have functional as well as beautiful pots for tea lovers.

  • First, put the requisite amount of tea necessary- 2 teaspoons per individual into the screen. Add extra according to your requirements

  • Put the screen in place and pour hot water over it. The amount of water is one cup per individual.

  • Ensure that as you pour the hot water, you soak all the loose leaf green tea leaves

  • Let it sit for half a minute or more depending on what you prefer.

And your delicious cup of tea is ready.

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