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Innovative Methods to Utilize Used Tea

Nowadays, people like figuring out as many uses for one product as possible, to make the best use of it. DIY projects are an example of coming up with interesting and unusual ways to make use of household products which are lying around. In the same manner, we have to come up with a few methods to use the leftover tea leaves in the pot after we drink our fill of tea.

Tea is known for the many health benefits reaped by the drinkers from a cup. This blog will illustrate the many uses Tea has in the other parts of our life. Once you go through our list, you will understand why Tea is a necessary staple in the kitchen cupboard.

Ingenious Ways use Used Tea

  • If you have been searching for a conditioner which will make your hair shiny then you just have to look in your cupboard to find it. Use tea bags or loose leaf tea which have already been used and make a second pot of weaker tea. Use this to rinse your hair, post a shampoo as a conditioner. As long as the tea is 100% pure, you will see shinier hair in a few washes.

  • An awesome use for used Assam tea leaves or any tea is to use it as fertilizer for your plants. You can either directly ad the brewed leaves to the soil as mulch or brew them again and mix the weaker brew in some water to water your plants.

  • Interestingly, you can use the used tea- be it loose leaf tea or tea bags, to tenderize and impart some unique flavors to the meat. The tannins in the tea will do the job of tenderizing the meat and add sweet and savoury notes.

  • If you have been struggling with stinky shoes, we have just found an answer for you. Use dried old or used Assam green tea in small cloth sachets and keep them in those shoes which are giving you this problem.

  • On the other hand, if you want to fight foot odour then you should soak your feet in a tub of strongly brewed tea- obviously, you will use tea which has already been brewed. If you wish to add some scent, then you could add mint leaves.

  • Make tea using loose leaf tea and let it cool. Pour it into a spraying bottle and Voila! You have your very own homemade mirror and glass cleaner.

  • You could even make Assam green tea and wash your face with it or use it as a toner as green tea is beneficial for acne.

  • If your carpet is beginning to stink and you don't want to lug it all the way over to a laundromat; then just sprinkle some tea leaves on it and leave it like that for 20-30 minutes before vacuuming it up.


As you can see, tea has a number of uses even after it’s been brewed to make your daily cup of tea. However, the one thing to be kept in mind if you want any of this to have any effect is that the tea you use has to be 100% pure. To ensure that you enjoy not only the various uses of tea as well as the tasty brew itself; you should only buy your tea from a trusted and renowned brand. Halmira’s is a brand in which you can trust. With over 100 years in the industry, they have finessed the process to give their customers the perfect products. You can find a range of products on Halmira’s online tea store which will not only give you a lovely cup of tea but also tea which can be used for all these purposes as well.

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