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Walk the Path to Fitness with the Right Amount of Green Tea Per Day

Green tea, for the past few years, has gained unbeatable popularity, thereby becoming the most preferred health drink in the world. Consuming green tea on a regular basis not only helps in flushing out the body toxins but also grants other green tea benefits. However, what amount of green tea is the right amount per day to achieve maximum benefits? Well, in this write-up, we will discuss this and other queries catering to green tea consumption that will clear your doubts for the same.

What is the Safe Limit of Green Tea Intake Per Day?

Camellia sinensis the plant from where green tea leaves are obtained. The best part is that this miraculous potion can be enjoyed in cold, hot or powdered form. While there are various studies to support the fact that one cuppa per day is enough to reap the green tea benefits, in practical life, make sure to consume 3-4 cups per day to keep the health ailments at bay.
Furthermore, with 3-4 cuppas per day, you can derive green tea health benefits like:
  • Fighting Type 2 diabetes and maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Taking care of oral health by fighting against the harmful bacteria leading to cavities, bleeding gum, and foul breath
  • Carve out the path to maintain heart health and reduce the chances of stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, etc.
  • Melt the pesky body fat and maintain body weight by boosting the metabolism power of the body
How to Determine the Safe Limit of Green Tea Consumption?

Just because the world is going gung-ho about green tea benefits, it does not mean that you have the license to drink as many cups as you want. Even though the green tea leaves are a powerhouse of health essentials, one must limit the consumption depending on his/her health condition. According to various studies, over-consumption of green tea does more harm to your body than any good. Apart from a health condition, a person must consider his/her age and the life stage. After ascertaining all these factors, you can set a safe limit of green tea consumption for yourself.
Over-Consumption of Green Tea- the Side-Effects

Since moderation is the key to anything good, it holds the same for green tea. Even though the green tea leaves have the power to cure a plethora of health ailments with regular consumption, over-consumption can convert this medicine into poison. All said and done, green tea leaves contain caffeine, whose excess intake can be hazardous. The leaves also contain polyphenols which are good for our body when consumed anywhere between 240 mg to 320 mg in a day. However, more than these measurements, green tea may lead to various health complexities such as irregular heartbeat, headache, nervousness, irritability, confusion, dizziness, heartburn, etc. Excess amount of caffeine also causes depletion in calcium from your bones, thereby making you sensitive to osteoporosis.  When you consume a cuppa, you consume 100 mg of caffeine approximately. Therefore, in order to escape all these side-effects, you should restrict your consumption not more than five cups a day.

Green tea is undoubtedly good for your health; however, do not cross the limit of its consumption. Sustain the suggested intake and if you wish to know more about your safe intake per day, reach out to your doctor.

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