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Practice to Choose Tea over Coffee

Which cup must you tap on? The one filled with aromatic Assam Orthodox tea or the one filled with intoxicating Brazilian coffee? While throwing such a vague question towards you is not a rational act, there has always been a heated debate over the topic- Tea vs Coffee!
Comparison between coffee and tea followed by choosing one is certainly a difficult task. Both the beverages come with their own set of health benefits which is why we overindulge in the beverage that we prefer, thereby failing to weigh their benefits and side effects.
A cup of coffee is great when it comes to revitalizing the body; however, do you know a cup of tea is nothing less than that of coffee? In fact, it is believed that tea can put an end to a plethora of crisis, be it mental or physical. While a lot can be achieved from a cup of coffee, the added benefits of tea cannot be avoided.
Let us take a look at what tea has to offer us over a cup of coffee!
Reasons to Kiss & Embrace Your Cup of Tea
Better Body Energization
When we hear the word coffee, we automatically associate it with heavy amounts of caffeine. However, reality says this is not entirely true. Tea has an equal amount of caffeine like that of coffee. Second, caffeine in these two beverages will act differently. While both will energize the body, the effect of the one coming from coffee is short lived. Caffeine present in a cup of coffee will reduce the energy level as fast as it lifts it up. However, tea will rejuvenate your body from within with long-lasting effects. Thus, for a longer span of energy, a cup of tea is what you must pick.
Powerhouse of Antioxidant
Antioxidants are great. They work to keep your body away from the diseases and make you feel fresh and healthy. Do you know tea has them in abundance? Whether you are consuming a cup of green tea, black tea, white or oolong tea, each of them is rich in antioxidants. For example, it is advised to consume at least 3-4 cups of green tea a day to infuse your body with the benefits of green tea. It boosts the metabolism rate and improves the overall functioning of the body.
Better Dental Health
If you want to improve your dental health, a cup of tea is what you must pick. It protects your teeth from the harmful bacteria that can infect your gums and teeth owing to leftover food. The composites present in tea leaves like the Assam tea leaves have the power to kill or suppress the cavity-causing bacteria and inhibit gum diseases. On the contrary, coffee will leave a stain on your teeth because of its dark pigments.
Acid Reflux
Tea and coffee both are known to cause acidic problems to people. However, coffee is more acidic than tea. It can be harsh on the stomach, probably causing issues like heartburn, acid reflux, or other GERD symptoms. On the other hand, Assam Orthodox tea, green tea or white tea are known to relieve acid reflux.
Improved Weight Loss Cycle
Fitness magazines swear by black coffee when it comes to suggesting potential readers a weight loss regime. But reality has a different fact ready for you. A number of studies have revealed that a healthy person’s blood sugar levels increase after eating a high-fat meal. However, this spike doubles up after having both a fatty meal and caffeinated coffee, hence increasing the risk of diabetes. On the contrary, studies have indicated that green tea is the best choice to aid in the weight loss programme and balance metabolism.
Hence, let us be very clear. Coffee is as popular as tea which is why there are individuals whose days are incomplete without a cup of strongly brewed coffee. However, the advantages coming from a cup of tea unbeatable and cannot be replaced with a cup of coffee. Furthermore, purchasing tea from a good brand will simply double up the dose of health benefits by leaps and bounds. Hence, Halmira Tea came in the scenario. Operating since 1915, the brand is well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of providing quality tea leaves to the tea addicts having great texture, aroma and 
flavor to sooth your taste buds. Furthermore, they have come up with their online portal from where one can purchase Assam tea leaves and the likes which will get delivered at their doorstep without any hindrance and shipping charges.  

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