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Reasons Why Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea Is Special

Assam is the largest producer of tea leaves in the country, producing more than half of India’s tea exports. This is because Assam tea has a huge popularity and demand all over the world, thanks to the quality and the taste of the tea. Once you’ve used a premium quality Assam tea product and tasted the brew made from those tea leaves, it’s hard to forget the taste.
Halmira’s Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea is such a product. This premium tea is mainly recognized for the high malty taste and creamy texture that it adds to the brew. Produced in low altitudes and tropical climatic conditions, this tea appears as a deep amber color.

Halmira Premium Long leaf Tea
What Make Assam Long Leaf Tea Special?

This Assam tea product contains tea leaves of long leaf grade. Among the tea leaf grades, long leaf is considered as the highest quality leaves. These leaves are the result of combinations of some specific conditions that make a unique blend.
Before diving into details, it is important to understand the method of processing that tea leaves undergoes before coming to us in final product form.
There are two means involved, namely, Orthodox and CTC means. Long leaf exhibits a certain preference since it is a single origin tea and follows the orthodox method. This lends it more desirability than the CTC-produced lea leaves. Tea manufacturers such as Halmira offer a quality selection of tea, such as the Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea.
The CTC methods, however, involve a mechanical process where the leaves are crushed and torn into tiny particles by machines. This is known to produce a stronger and bitter brew, the exact opposite of long leaf’s bright characteristics.

Unique characteristics of Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea

  • Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea is a single origin tea. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is special, and there is no doubt why single origin tea leaves are special.
  • It retains its authentic flavor and is typically richer in taste compared to Assam fannings and dust tea. Long leaf teas are produced by natural means (which includes plucking, withering, rolling, oxidizing and drying). Its organic processing allows it to retain its antioxidant components (unlike other Assam teas).
  • At the same time, tea leaves used in this product are carefully selected and handcrafted by skilled individuals. This gives it more edge and value to tea connoisseurs who respect the careful and delicate handling of tea leaves during its production. This is one of the areas where our Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea stand out, because machine processed teas lose out on the major health benefits and tend to be bitter in taste.

  • Its flavor can also be nuanced. Due to the long hours it takes to produce this tea, the experts are able to draw out maximum flavor of the leaf. This allows them to produce subtle notes in a single brew.

  • Since it undergoes natural means of processing, it is a good source of antioxidants and health benefits for the body. Assam long leaf tea is rich in flavonoids, which is a type of antioxidant. This helps reduce inflammation and assists the cardiovascular as well as nervous systems. Flavonoids play a role in preventing the growth of cancer cells and help fight against heart disease. This tea also serves the role of a stimulant with its caffeine content, in a mild yet effective proportion.

So why restrict yourself from the taste of this special tea from Halmira? Visit our online store and grab your tea. After all nothing is better than a cup of tea to enjoy the refreshing morning!

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