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Reduce the Consumption of Calories With Assam Green Tea

Tea has become an essential part of daily life. Assam tea, packed with antioxidants, does not only offer the great taste to all the tea connoisseurs but is also a powerhouse of health benefits. Although Assam tea denotes black tea, this region also produces quantities of green and white tea which have their own distinctive characteristics. Assam green tea has received countless positive remarks due to its exceptional health benefits. Every health-conscious individual has opted for green tea in order to obtain the beneficial properties of green tea. Assam tea is undoubtedly cherished by every individual. One of the major reasons why Assam tea is known for its quality and taste is because Assam has a rich biodiversity in the world. Favorable atmospheric conditions also aid in the production of the most high-quality tea. The fertility of the soil in this North-Eastern region of India creates a perfect setting for tea production. 


Green tea - low-calorie content

Even though green tea has several health benefits, it has emerged as one of the most popular health drinks due to its low calorie content and presence of vitamins and minerals which aids in enhancing metabolism and burning unwanted fat. Green tea does not undergo the process of oxidation and therefore contains antioxidants useful to combat health hazards along with boosting the immune system. Apart from the antioxidants, it has an active ingredient called Catechins which helps in losing weight.

Here’s why you should drink green tea

  • The caffeine content in green tea acts as a stimulant and helps in burning fat and also aids in improving performance in exercise

  • The key to losing weight with green tea is due to a concentrated source of Catechin, an essential ingredient

  • It also contains another healthy ingredient called Theanine, which is a type of amino acid that reduces stress and helps in weight loss

  • Green tea also helps improve health by reducing calorie intake

  • Flavonoids in green tea is responsible for increasing fat-oxidation levels

  • Essential nutrients present in green tea also helps improving insulin activity

  • Assam green tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory and detoxifying compounds providing the most profound health benefits


Green tea - The most sought-after beverage

There are so many reasons why green tea is the most sought-after health drink. Packed with powerful nutrients, it aids in lowering cholesterol, boost immunity and help live a healthy lifestyle. Preferably, green tea should be consumed right after breakfast or lunch since the metabolism rate is the highest during the said period. Green tea also reduces the risk of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. It also aids in the functioning of the brain and prevents neurodegenerative diseases in old age along with reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


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