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Rejuvenate your senses with Assam tea

Have you ever woken up from sleep feeling lifeless and dull? The first thing that comes to your mind is coffee, right? Thought so. Caffeine is the word you’re probably looking for. I bet you didn’t know that Assam tea leaves have caffeine instilled with a more natural texture than that of freshly grounded coffee. Assam tea is inherently embedded with nutrients that are designed to strengthen the body and mind. The rich caffeine content and strength makes Assam tea the best tea for breakfast.
Being blessed with a favorable climate and abundant rainfall, Assam produces some of the best variety of teas found in the world. They fall under two broad processes of production – Assam Orthodox and Assam CTC. Assam brew is normally dark brownish-color liquor imbued with a strong and fragrant aroma. Though Assam is popular for its black tea, it is also known for producing green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Hand-picked specifically, Assam tea leaves are widely known for their malty flavor and a brisk finish. The medicinal advantages and benefits derived from Assam tea far outweigh the taste factor. Apart from being a morning beverage, there are a few key roles that Assam tea plays in terms of health.

Assam tea benefits are as follows:

  • It reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack.
  • It offers support to the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.
  • It boosts metabolism and helps in weight management.
  • It promotes good blood circulation.
  • It fights bacteria and improves immunity.
  • It has dental benefits as well.
While understanding the benefits of Assam tea leaves, the problem lies in finding where to procure it. From carefully hand-picking the leaves, the tea needs to be efficiently processed to bring out its true flavor. Without the right blend, it would not really feel like Assam tea. Getting that perfect cup of Assam tea requires strict attention to detail and care. With over a hundred years of successful operation, Halmira has developed their techniques and procedures for the perfect brew.

Why should one select Halmira Tea?

Halmira, with its expert farming and processing, exhibits a high quality of Assam tea. The tea estate is managed by skilled workers and experts in their respective fields in the tea industry. Advanced machinery is always employed to process the tea leaves into perfect shape. Furthermore, Halmira’s teas have always been of a premium range. It is reputed for delivering teas of the best quality with amicable pricing rates. 
Halmira’s tea has successfully managed to harness the original unadulterated Assam flavor. They have incorporated superior taste and superior quality into their tea. For those who want to try out the authentic and genuine Assam tea, Halmira will not disappoint you. You can now experience the taste of Assam directly at home. You can now opt to buy tea online from Halmira at best quality prices. Witness just how a simple cup of tea will revitalize and jumpstart your day!

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