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5 Secret Green Tea Skin Benefits Revealed!

It goes without saying that green is a magic potion for good health. However, do you know that this magic potion can cast its spell on your skin as well? Studies have shown that green tea extract helps in slowing down the process of skin aging and enhances skin complexion. Green tea leaves have the power to fight the signs of aging like skin wrinkling, sagging, fine lines, sun damage, age spots, and pigmentation.
While these are some of the most common skin issues solved by this antioxidant tea, there are other secret skin benefits that come from green tea as well. Hence, here are some of the less known green tea skin benefits that can do much more than slowing down skin aging.
 Green Tea Skin Benefit

Green Tea Skin Benefits Undercover

#1: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes
The antioxidants and the astringent present in green tea leaves have the ability to contract the blood vessels present under the skin of your eyes.  This way, it reduces the puffiness and swelling of the skin around the eye area, thereby making your eyes look brighter. The K Vitamin present in this antioxidant tea is the main weapon in knocking out the dark circles.
#2: No Room for Acne
Catechins present in green tea leaves are basically antibacterial agents. These components kill the bacteria which gives rise to pimples and acne to provide flawless skin.  Not just that, it is also an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces the inflammation caused by acne. Hence, indulge in sipping 2-3 cuppas every day along with using DIYs in proper intervals with green tea extract in it.
#3: S for Skin Toner
Make topical use of green tea to pull out the impurities out of the skin like a magnet, thereby reducing the appearance of large skin pores. For example, Assam green tea leaves have a high content of an agent called methylxanthines that stimulates the microcirculation of the skin. this way, it enhances the skin tone and health of the skin. Hence, indulge in DIY skin toner made of green tea to gift yourself a healthy, glowing skin.  
#4: Reverse Sun Damage
The green tea creates a protective layer on your skin, thereby keep the sun damage at bay. The theobromine, tannic acid and the polyphenols present in green tea leaves comforts the skin by diminishing inflammation and extinguishing the free radicals.
#5: Maintain Skin Elasticity
If you use skin care products with green tea extract, it hinders collagenase and breaks down collagen. This action encourages an increase in the amount of collagen, thereby resulting in more firm, plump and elastic skin.
The volume of antioxidant in green tea leaves is very high. Hence, squeeze out the benefits of green tea into your skin from a cuppa, DIY face packs and skin care products with green tea extracts. Gift yourself with a brand new skin and discover the new you!


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