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Stay Healthy with Workout and Assam Green Tea Combo

Organic green tea is the fusion of taste and flavor plus all the essential nutrients in its purest form. Packed with the goodness of antioxidants, this drink has a higher preference around the four corners of the world. This is because drinking green tea on a regular basis is always linked to better health and longevity. 
A worthy choice of beverage, Assam Green Tea from Halmira is filled with malty undertones and a strong presence of flavor. This antioxidant tea is known to help the body in numerous ways, such as by improving cardiovascular health, boosting oral health, reducing the risk of various cancers, and so many more.

Why not use Assam Green Tea as a Workout Companion?

Green Tea For Workout
Consuming green tea before and after workouts is said to be beneficial. This is due to its components – vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and catechins among others. These components make this a highly suitable drink for all those trying to stay in shape and maintain their weight.
Being free of sugar, green tea is a major alternative to drinks with additives and added sugar levels (thus, preventing excess calories). Also, you can make healthy desserts with green tea.
With Assam Green Tea, witness the malty flavors of Assam tea leaves infused with the health benefits of regular green tea. For better output, it can also be mixed with ice for a refreshing and energizing effect before or during your workouts.

Why Should We Consume Assam Green Tea before and during Workouts?

Starting from the beginning to the end of a workout, let us use this tea in each case. Waking up early in the morning to exercise is normally undesirable. Many would not want to wake up, and most just go back to bed. Assam Green Tea, however, contains a healthy dose of caffeine. This helps you to freshen up in the morning while also providing the required energy levels you need for your workouts.
Another of its components, Theanine, is known for its relaxing effect, which balances out the side effects of the caffeine content. This ingredient in green tea is also said to enhance concentration and focus while working out. Thus, it is a perfect fusion of energy with composed mental activity.
In terms of hydrations, organic green tea is a healthier alternative to energy drinks and serves as the best means to replenish fluid in the body. We lose water as we exercise, and it is equally important to drink green tea during workouts. This antioxidant tea also lets you feel refreshed and energized, while also increasing your stamina and endurance.
Muscles tend to tear during workouts. The catechins present in green tea help in muscle repair. Assam Green Tea is known to reduce the muscle damage caused by exercise.
You can also reduce the consumption of calories with Assam Green Tea. This is because it is known to boost the rate of metabolism, which helps in the process of burning fat/excess calories quicker. A higher metabolic rate equals faster conversion of food into energy (which is then utilized during workouts).
There was a study conducted by the Kao Corporation in Japan and the researchers used mice as test subjects. Without the use of exercise, green tea is said to have helped shed about 47% of fat. With the use of exercise and green tea together, a whopping 89% of fat was said to be lost – the proof that both perfectly complement each other. A similar kind of effect is applicable to us as well. Thus, exercise and Assam Green Tea are definitely a good combo to try out.

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