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Why are Orthodox Tea Leaves Special?

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world. History states that this ever-popular beverage was first discovered in China by Emperor Shen-Nun when some tea leaves flew into his pot of boiling water. Even though it was discovered 5000 years ago, it took almost 100 years to reach the other parts of the world. The Dutch Traders were first among many to have introduced the drink to the western world.
In present times, tea is widely consumed as it confers to some tremendous health benefits.
There is a variety of loose tea leaves found in the market, all of which comes from one type of plant “Camellia Sinensis”. However, the variation in flavor depends on the climate, geographical location and level of oxidation. One of the best types of tea leaves is Orthodox tea leaves.
Orthodox tea leaves are hand processed tea leaves [can also be called rolled tea leaves], a trait which makes the tea leaves special in itself. The most specialty of teas is made from Orthodox Tea Leaves.
Orthodox tea leaves go through a complex system of processing :
  • Withering -  where leaves are spread out to allow moisture to evaporate.
  • Rolling - pressing and rolling the leaves preparing it for oxidation.
  • Oxidation - Leaving it in a controlled environment, thereby allowing the air to react with the chemicals.
  • Firing - the leaves are heated and dried to stop oxidation before sorting it for grading.
This traditional or orthodox method of manufacturing produces long, wiry and flavourful whole loose tea leaves. Though the process is mainly done by hand, in recent times machinery is used that mimics the hand rolling.

What makes Orthodox tea leaves special?

Orthodox tea leaves tend to be lighter with less body compared to other types of tea leaves. It is generally known for being brisk, bright and multi-layered. This type of tea is best enjoyed on their own with a hint of lemon and honey.
Benefits of Orthodox Tea
  • Orthodox tea contains higher levels of antioxidants compared to CTC tea which help neutralize the damaged cells.
  • Orthodox loose leaf tea has a calming effect on the body and boosts mental clarity.
  • Since it is organically processed, it retains its authentic taste in comparison to others.
Orthodox tea blends a variety of tea like Oolong, white green or black tea and all of them have a delicate flavor. One of the best types of orthodox tea found in India is the Assam Orthodox Tea.
Assam Orthodox Tea is generally of higher quality, therefore having more subtle and multi-layered flavors. This type of tea is mostly harvested by hand to get whole leaves. Some small,young tea leaves are also plucked from the tip of the tea bush. Assam tea has a distinct flavor from the rest of the tea. The tarty malt flavor and subtle aroma nominate this tea for the most preferred breakfast tea.
Besides its taste and texture, these loose leaf tea is beneficial for our body as it contains phenolic compounds which precisely helps in weight loss, stress relief and reduces blood sugar level.
Hence, we can conclude the write-up on the note that be it from Assam or any other part of the world, Orthodox tea tastes best and is more beneficial if grown organically. A tea can only be considered as organic when it is grown under environmentally-friendly conditions and techniques. Organically grown Orthodox tea is self-sustaining and assures chemical-free production.


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