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Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea: Perfect Combination of Taste & Aroma

What can be more special than a tea that has been grown and manufactured in the state of Assam? Being the largest producer of tea leaves in our country, a majority of India’s tea exports are from here. No wonder why Assam is considered the home of teas. Almost every tea connoisseur either has already tasted this aromatic tea or wishes to get his/her share of sip of this delicious beverage someday.
Halmira is one such brand that makes premium tea leaves accessible to all. Popular for offering a diverse range of flavours, Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea is recognized for its malty flavours and creamy texture. A tropical climate and the abundance of alluvial soil contribute to make this beverage a delicacy in many households. 

Golden Tips of Assam

Given the place of origin, these tea leaves have already carved out its name in not only the commercial culture but enjoy positive reviews amongst tea lovers. The perpetual demand for this longleaf tea results in two harvests throughout the year. The process for the foremost harvest begins in late March and ends towards late May. This is known as the first flush.
However, the leaves from the second flush which happens in the month of June are preferred more due to two major reasons: the tips of these tea leaves are golden in colour due to which they visually appealing (Assam golden tips) and the second harvest produces a more superior tasting tea earning a name for itself in tea parties.


What is the infatuation with Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea?

Selecting only the finest hand-picked leaves from the rich fields of Assam, you are delivered tea leaves of longleaf or whole leaf grade. These leaves are considered to be the highest quality leaves among all tea leaf grades. This is due to the specific conditions they undergo that yield a unique blend.
Those wishing to enjoy the authentic flavours of premium quality leaves can buy their pack of longleaf tea from Halmira.


Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea - Epitome Of Perfection

It is no surprise that the fine blend of flavour and aroma of Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea enjoys its place in the mainstream. The unique robust taste has made this beverage a delicacy to be enjoyed with English breakfasts. Here are some reasons as to why we are singing praises of this particular tea:

  • You are entitled to nuanced flavours of the tea. Due to the long hours required to produce this tea, the subtle flavours of the leaves are retained expertly by the craftsmanship of our farmers.

  • Containing flavonoids, a special kind of an antioxidant, this tea boasts of multidimensional fitness benefits such as preventing heart diseases, making skin healthy etc. However, Assam green tea is richer in antioxidants and therefore has more health benefits.

  • Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea is a single origin tea and therefore is able to retain the original flavour. It preserves the authentic flavor of the tea and is therefore richer in taste if compared to other tea products which are blends of two or more tea leaves.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our online store and grab your packages now!


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