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Top Reasons to buy Darjeeling Tea online in India

Tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet. Tea is viewed as a breakfast supplement due to its nutritional and health benefits. Furthermore, its popularity increases due to its relatively inexpensive price range – one cup does not drain one monetarily, unlike coffee. Tea is usually the choice to go with when they start the day. If you happen to be a tea-lover, the words ‘Darjeeling tea’ must sound familiar to you.

Darjeeling tea has a very positive image because of its excellent quality, reputation andcharacteristics. It is hailed nation-wide for the splendid quality of tea that is produced there. Though you can find Darjeeling tea online, the tea itself cannot be produced or replicated anywhere else in the world. This is due to the intensive work and conditions required in growing and harvesting the tea. The workers at the plantation, normally women, start working when the leaves are still covered in dew. Plucking tea is done with great care since only the tender shoots of the plant are required.


The tea in Darjeeling has certain climatic requirements. There is a minimum requirement of 50" to 60" of rainfall in a year. It is also grown at an altitude ranging from 600 to 2000 meters above mean sea level. The temperature ranges from 1 ºC to 11 ºC with a maximum of 20 ºC. These conditions are perfectly matched in Darjeeling – the climate, the soil, the rainfall andthe slopping terrains all add to give Darjeeling tea its unique authenticity. This blissful blend of prerequisites and natural factors lend Darjeeling tea its own brand name and distinction.

What makes Darjeeling tea different?

This tea is processed and manufactured in Darjeeling. When brewed, it provides a naturally occurring yet remarkable aroma with a distinctive taste. This taste varies depending on the time the leaves are picked. Depending on that, various ‘flushes’ as they are called, greatly influence the taste of Darjeeling tea. The purest form of this tea is said to be produced in the first flush. Also referred to as ‘The Champagne of Teas’, it is highly valued due to its ‘muscatel’ (taste of grape wine) nature. Each flush has its own corresponding variation to tea.


However, if you broadly categorize Darjeeling tea, there are a few variations – Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea and so on. Further, this tea can also be segregated depending on the process of manufacture – CTC and Orthodox tea. Though processes differ in nature, tea experts are always involved when the tea is ready for export. They certify the quality of the tea to make sure that each cup strives to encompasses the true taste of Darjeeling tea.

Where to find Darjeeling tea online?

When you drink Darjeeling first flush tea, you are tasting some of the freshest and most exquisite tea that is available out there. The first flush of Darjeeling tea is usually limited in stock, making it very exclusive in nature. This is due to the huge demand generated by the tea connoisseurs and fanatics. Furthermore, these consumers belong to a higher section of society – socially and economically. They have no objections to the higher prices incurred on the best Darjeeling tea.>


Keeping that in mind, it becomes necessary to know the best place to find Darjeeling tea online. Having an edge over others means being a part of the lucky ones to conveniently procure tea without worry or discomfort. An ideal choice that stands out – Halmira, a reputed tea estate running and operating successfully for the last 100 years. It has a signature tea leaf collection for all, including Darjeeling CTC and Green tea readily available.

Furthermore, Halmira offers the best quality tea leaves also through its online portal, where you can choose from a wide range of premium selection in affordable rates. More importantly, they are dedicated to satisfying the thirst of premium-quality tea drinkers by use of their exquisite quality of tea leaves.

So, if you’re concerned about where to buy Darjeeling tea online, Halmira will never fail to deliver.

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