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Tea preparations that Complement Milk & Sugar

If you roam around the streets of India, you'll probably understand the emotional value of tea. It is in the hearts of the Indians. Tea or chai as we call it helps us in kick-starting our day and executing a plethora of tasks throughout the day. The aroma of brewing loose leaf tea along with pouring bubbling milk in small cups by the chai wallahs in the tea stalls is the first thing that you'll come across early in the morning. The chai wallahs, or anyone who is a pro at brewing a perfect cup of tea, are aware that crafting a fine tea requires a refined sense of attention for touch, sight, and sound. No machine can replace this art. However, the process of crafting a great cup of tea can differ from person to person. While some might like their tea extra sweet with milk, others might prefer their cup of brew without any addition of milk or sweet.
However, one good thing about tea is that it has a number of methods to brew. And for those who prefer to add milk and sugar to it, a plethora of tea varieties can easily become a part of their life. Let’s have a look at some of them.
Mashala Chai

Milk & Sugar Completing the these Teas!

Masala Chai
No matter what the season is, a cup of tea spiced with quintessential Indian flavours is unbeatable. Along with milk and sugar, this popular form of tea combines spices like cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, etc. The flavour and taste of Masala Tea is such that one can easily term it as one of the most effective pick-me-ups of the day. Just one cup is enough to fuel up your day with some extra energy.

Bombay Cutting Chai
Famous throughout the nation, Bombay Cutting Chai has got its name from its intense flavour. Even though it is prepared using milk, its essence is so sharp that only half a glass is served at a time. It is also known as the revised form of masala tea and is served in ‘cutting glasses’ instead of cups. Made popular by movies, this tea holds a significant part of the Bombay culture. However, it is also embraced in other cities of the subcontinent as India is a nation of tea lovers. This tea also contains additional flavorings like ginger, tulsi, lemongrass, cardamom, etc. which makes it stronger than a usual cup of masala tea.
Kashmiri Kahwa
Arising from Kashmir, this tea blends exotic Indian spices and milk. The signature zest of this tea is obtained from saffron strands added in the blend. Adding cardamom, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, etc. along with milk makes the flavour even better.
Tulsi Chai
Tulsi tea benefits are known to most people. However, do you know when this tea is brewed using milk and sugar is fancied by every other Indian? Tulsi- known as India's most sacred herb, when brewed with milk and consumed infuses our body with a plethora of health benefits. Fresh tulsi leaves are added to the brew along with other ingredients like sugar or honey to make it more delicious.
This tea acts as a tonic to produce more gastric juices and is nothing less than medicine for the body and mind. Tulsi has always helped in improving the digestion of food, and hence, the beverage is ideal after a complete meal.
Cardamom Tea
Be it any kind of dish, sweet or salty, cardamom is considered as one of the best-loved elements. Consuming a cup of cardamom tea can positively brighten your day and set you in a good mood.  Adding this one ingredient to your tea will not only heighten the flavours but also converts it into a storehouse of health benefits. From improving digestion to helping treat symptoms of cold and flu, it can do a number of tasks for you. So, don’t think twice before making this tea a part of your everyday diet.
The combination of milk and sugar is such that it can complement almost all types of tea if brewed properly. Furthermore, consider buying your set of loose leaf tea from a well-known brand like Halmira Tea. Halmira Tea will provide you with premium quality tea leaves plucked by experts after proper examination. The tea leaves from this brand is a powerhouse of aroma and will leave your mouth with a burst of flavours with every sip. Hence, making use such tea leaves along will milk and sugar will only make your tea session flavoursome.

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