Chairman's Message

Mr. Arvind Newar

Chairman (Newar Group)

Since inception, the core purpose of Halmira Estate Tea Private Limited, has been to attain excellence across all operations and activities. This perpetual search for excellence inspires us to explore and master the attributes of customer-centricity, innovation, trustworthiness, integrity, and sustainability. As a result, over the last 60 years, we have gained the loyalty and trust of our stakeholders, and are recognized for our adherence to strong values and ethics. We are committed towards protecting this heritage, and continue to direct our energies towards the growth and development of the organization, employees, and the communities we serve.

Driven by the mission of becoming a premium global leader in the Tea Industry by delivering quality products and practising high work ethics, our vibrant team of professionals continuously endeavors to bring the best in quality and technology. We realize that innovation is the key vector for our progress, and thus we strive to constantly re-engineer ourselves to the changing demands of our customers.

At Halmira Estate Tea Private Limited, we have always viewed our people as our greatest asset. We ensure to provide a healthy working environment for our workforce, thereby encouraging them to nurture their talent and enhance their competencies. Their health and safety has always been a primary concern, and utmost care is taken in their personal and professional development.

Good corporate citizenship also plays an integral role in our development. We believe in deploying ethical & sustainable business practices, for serving the interests of the diverse stakeholders that include employees, shareholders, and the society at large.

Going forward, we seek to build strategic relationships, and augment our presence in the international forum. We seek to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing the finest tea to our customers, lucrative ROI to shareholders, growth opportunities to employees, and sustainable services for the betterment of the environment and the society.