Our Tea Estate - At Golaghat, Assam

Halmira Tea Estate

Acquired in the year 1951 from Beggos Robert & Co., London., the Halmira Tea Estate spans 468 hectares of land and yields an annual production of 8,50,000 Kgs. It complies with all the standards laid in the HACCP system. Offering a perfect harmony of natural beauty and productivity, this estate produces tea that is strong, satisfying, and full of aroma.

Sockieting Tea Estate

Spreading across 223 hectares of land, the Sockieting Tea Estate produces 4,00,000 kgs of tea in a year. A HACCP accredited estate, this property was procured from Andrew Yule & Co Ltd.

The enchanting lush greenery of the estate against a backdrop of mist covered mountains, is a visual treat for the workforce and the visitors.

Dukenhengra Tea Estate

Stretching over 445.52 hectares of land, the Dukenhengra Tea Estate was also acquired from Andrew Yule & Co Ltd. Presently, this HACCP accredited estate produces a massive 9,00,000 kgs of tea.

Sustained efforts over the years have made this garden the highest yielding estate of the Group.

Socklatinga Tea Estate

The Socklatinga Tea Estate dates back to the year 1990. Covering an area of 347.90 hectares, this beautiful and fertile garden produces 5,50,000 kgs of tea, annually.

Revered for its rich colour, aroma and flavour, the tea produced here provides a delightful experience to tea connoisseurs.