Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea

Single Origin Tea
Flavor and Strength
Straight from Farm
Golden Long Leaf Tip from Assam @
  • Golden Long Leaf Tip from Assam @
  • Golden Long Leaf Tip from Assam @
  • Golden Long Leaf Tip from Assam @

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Long live happiness. That's how life blesses you as you sip on this single origin brew. Taste the purity with superb cocktail of flavour and taste.

These fully oxidized Assam Long Leaf Tea includes the finest hand picked leaves. Loosely curled, the golden tips of this Assam orthodox tea offer a distinctive aroma and a robust taste. The golden leaves of this Assam premium tea is easy on the senses, and is yet uplifting and exhilarating. The leaves unfurl the pride of Halmira which nurtures the teatime with an exquisite brew.

Dry Leaf
Aroma : Full bodied.
Appearance : Whole black leaves with golden tips

Liquor Without Milk
Appearance : Bright amber.
Taste : High malty flavour with briskness.

There’s no better way to start your day other than sips of this wonderful brew. The fine blend of flavour and taste, the golden tipped Assam long leaf tea simply makes your evening energetic and lively. Long live happiness! That’s how life blesses when you enjoy this single origin brew.

Complements - English breakfast, carrot cakes, cookies.
Stepping Notes - 2-3mins
Strength - Brisk
Season - Second Flush
Time of the day - Morning
Best Consumed - Hot

Process step by step

halmira tealeaf
Take desired amount of loose tea into a tea maker
Pour over recently heated water and allow the leaves to steep for 2-5 minutes
Once the tea tastes to your liking discard infused leaves and pour a cup
Serve the tea and enjoy


halmira tealeaf

Halmira Assam Premium Long Leaf Tea belongs to the sprawling gardens of Jorhat, Golaghat district of Assam that imbibes all the natural goodness and reflects them back in every sip of this refreshing beverage