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Buy Premium Quality Halmira Tea Online

Heralded as the “Champagne of Teas”, the aroma and taste of Darjeeling Tea is unmatched in the world. Not only in India but it is also famous all over the world! The moist and cool climate, the fertile soils of the hills, ample rainfall and the sloping terrains of Darjeeling provides the ideal natural conditions that are conducive to the outstanding uniqueness of Darjeeling tea.

The best Darjeeling tea is sought by both tea mavens and casual tea enthusiasts alike. Each flush season produces highest quality Darjeeling tea leaves with unique taste and aroma. Thin bodied, light liquor and subtle notes of floral fragrance craft is the signature of Darjeeling Tea. The exceptional blend of flavour and liquor comes from the small-leaf species. Halmira Tea stocks the best of Darjeeling tea leaves in the product lineup and is available at attractive prices.